Masking has been removed from a fabric painting
Skirmish on Insecurity Hill

16 – More Than Ready (To Un-Mask)

May 16, 2019 By

Taking the masking off the edges is fun because a clean edge is revealed and so much messiness is instantly cleared away. However, in this case, a new problem comes into focus.

I have long since given up the idea that I can use this creation for my quilt about Fear. It is not the loose, cartoony style of spray paint mural art that I had initially hoped to make. My obsession with details sucked me away onto a completely different path. I’m doubting whether my original idea would have worked even if I did successfully mock the style, as the saturated colors would have stood out too much from the look of the rest of the quilt.

Meanwhile, I created this really cool thing. With odd curved edges. Ut-oh. The curvature was to fit in with the perspective – with the right side getting smaller as it is farther away. Now I see that it doesn’t make sense anyway, as the view I created is a straight-on view, with the perspective of the picture not in agreement with the perspective of the shape. So, it is happy news that it didn’t work for the quilt! (I am ever the optimist.)

I can’t crop the picture as I would lose a dragon head or the artist shoes. I can’t add more to the air-brushing, as I’d never match the colors and spray pattern. Hmmm…