photoshopped dragon and knight image
Skirmish on Insecurity Hill

6 – The Fiery Breath of Doubt

May 6, 2019 By

Finally, I found my stand-in…Why, yes, of course this is me! I have often battled demons trying to crush my artistic soul: “That’s not good enough! It took too long to make! The perspective is so awful!,” Oh, on and on… You probably recognize that horrible, fiery breath of doubt and fear that lurks inside, waiting to strike at any sign of weakness!

Photoshop reference and pencil drawing at the start of an air-brush painting

The painting has to fit into a specific position on the final quilt, so I check the size by referring to my original drawing. I can visualize the mural I want to create, but I’m still worried about mimicking a tacky spray paint style. Using Photoshop, I have the sizes and positions figured out for the main compositional framework, but I’ll leave the rest to figure out as I go along in an attempt to be less detailed.