photos of fighting knights in armor
Skirmish on Insecurity Hill

5 – Where Is My Knight In Shining Armor?

May 5, 2019 By

Even when I am not concerned about copyright infringement as I know that the final form will be a far cry from any original source, I still try to credit the photo. This time though, I didn’t make a note and couldn’t find either of these images in a Google reverse image search. (Note to self: always copy the image source for future reference.)

A palette was easy to find and I already know well enough what a paintbrush looks like. I looked at a lot of Renaissance festival photos, thinking a knight in shining armor would supply the shield and sword pose I needed. This proved to be difficult.

The dragons would be in the background requiring the fighting artist to be in the foreground facing them protected by the raised shield. No, no, no! I want the front of the palette shield, showing colors, to be facing the viewer!

Photo credit: Ronin Miniatures Teutonic Order Knight Military Hand Painted Tin Metal 54mm Action Figures