Creative Chrysalis

70 – Re-appearing images

December 5, 2020 By

Colors! Paint! Creative Play! Oh the fun of being in my studio!

My artistic life allows escape from current events, but I know that is superficial. The mind is constantly absorbing, and I expect at some time my inner thoughts will be processed through my art. What do most people do with unwelcome stuff that gets lodged in their minds? Where does all the disturbing imagery go?

I am not very politically outspoken, but I do have strong opinions, and sometimes those thoughts appear in my work. I’ve seen people wandering down the aisles of a quilt show admiring patterns and color, brought to a halt by one of my statement pieces. Talk ensues, blanketed by the comfort of surrounding quilts. I have activated dialog about difficult subjects, through familiar and benign textiles. My time in the studio rather than some outwardly activist activity has served the common good. I am rewarded.