bottles of fabric paint and ink
Skirmish on Insecurity Hill

8 – Inks Or Paint?

May 8, 2019 By

Dabbling with different supplies is part of the fun of being an artist, but I really have to restrain myself in an art supply store. There is always something new to try! I remind myself of the path I want to take and limit my explorations, but occasionally allow some diversions. Over the years there have been quite a few side-trips resulting in a nice variety of paints and inks. All water based. Pretty much safe to mix and mingle with each other to get a color or property I’m looking for.

My favorite overall? Hmm, tough question. I’m split between two. F&W Acrylic Inks have been at the top, but currently sharing the podium with ProChemical Transparent Textile Paints. The former has rich, bright colors, ready to apply right from the bottle in a easy flowing liquid form. They have pearlescent and metallic varieties also, although I tend not to use them. ProChem’s paint is thicker, as you would expect from a paint versus an ink. The colors strike me as more natural. Their transparency makes it possible to build up a sophisticated blend of layered shades.