photo of air-brush and paints
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9 – Where’s The Brush?

May 9, 2019 By

An airbrush is slightly larger than a pen, having an attached cup or bottle to contain paint and connected to a compressed air source. Air forces the paint along an interior needle and out though a small nozzle dispelling tiny drops of spray onto a surface. Paint consistancy, nozzle size and air pressure are factors in the spray pattern. Photo-retouchers (before computer editing!) and car painters are among those who would be delighted that you have not seen their work. The point being that a fine touch of color without brushstokes makes ‘invisible’ color transitions possible.

Pigment has to be suspended in a medium that flows well. That can be tricky! Too much water – the color is diluted. Paint too thick – the nozzle gets gummed up. Large grains of pigment, often found in metallics, can cause clogging. Acrylic colors dry up quickly into an accumulating clog. Clogging and cleaning – get used to it while learning!