illustration detail by Susan Polansky, with related reference images
Creative Chrysalis

98 – Reference Images for Translation

January 17, 2021 By

Reference images are crucial for translating a line drawing into a realistic art quilt. With my intended plan for a 3’ high x 11’ length composition, where do I start?  As I go forward with this quilt, I’ll introduce my steps, and gradually go into more depth about the process. Read about the evolution of this piece and how I use a different perspective to combine thoughts of fear and humor, by visiting the blog of my new website: www.  

I’m anxious to get to work with fabric, but i need a little more information first. I’ve identified the foundational contents and composition of my art quilt, and outlined the look as one big line drawing. But, exactly how do these things look? What are the colors and textures I need to be aware of to create believable similitudes of actual objects with mere fabric and thread?

Enter reference images. I use the ‘net like an avid lepidopterist, tracking down and making a collection of colors and shapes. trapping images into a Word document or Photoshop file. I’m researching – the “look” is important to understand to successfully mimic and not copy. I will take my understanding of these objects and turn them into my own.

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