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99 – Putting Reference Images into Place

January 21, 2021 By

Now I put my collection of reference images to work. Using the magic of Photoshop Elements, I make a quick photo collage using just the parts of reference that apply to my idea, in the same way that one would make an actual photo collage. Except with a photo editing program, I can easily alter sizes, change positions and have parts of my drawing show in front of the images (like the people in the barrel.)

The colors of my found pictures may or may not come into play when I look for fabric. Some objects need to be shown as close to their original colors as possible for instant recognition – like the red and yellow of the Mouse Trap game. With other things, the color will help to convey a feeling. And always, the colors will have to work together – but I’m getting ahead of myself!

Getting back to the reference, I’m beginning to “see” the details I want to create. That also starts the thought process of how I’m going to make the details.