Creative Chrysalis

20 – Is eye candy a satisfying diet?

April 16, 2020 By

When I get bogged down with current work, I like to think about why I make art, and if I’m straying from my own objectives. I’ve created enough pieces to know which were the most satisfying and why.

“Butterfly and Flower” is a good example. I painted the pink flower in a silk painting class with Andrea Brokenshire. (Good class, one I’d recommend! Her work is stunning for painting, quilting and construction methods.) Then, I came up with an appropriate background to paint with fabric paint onto cotton, and made the fabric collage butterfly. It’s pretty to look at, and others must agree, as it’s won some awards. I named the work “Butterfly and Flower” as that is exactly what it is. It’s delicious eye candy. But it was not entirely satisfying for me to work on. I like a narrative or emotion to accompany my work.