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38 – Perspective beyond the normal range of vision

May 25, 2020 By

You can get lost in all the information about perspective drawing that is available on Google. I had never used a perspective grid, but I thought that might be helpful in my drawing to maintain consistency. Still bothered by how I was going to fit all my ideas into one scene, I stumbled upon the answer as I schooled myself in drawing technique.
Typically, artists depict the normal range of vision, about 60 degrees. Peripheral vision brings in more information, about 180 degrees, especially if the head moves from side to side, with the brain stitching everything together in one panoramic view. Our brain also considers the fisheye type of distortion that the eyes are really taking in, neatly straightening up everything into the rectilinear perspective we’re used to describing.
It’s all so confusing! The important thing is that I’ve found a way to cram all my ideas into one drawing!

Check out this fun cylindrical perspective grid speed drawing demonstration by David Chelsea

image source: illustration used with permission by David Chelsea,