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33 – Self-portrait perspective

May 12, 2020 By

Yes, this is a self-portrait – from 1979! (Don’t ya just love those big eyeglasses?) It’s a first attempt at etching. We were given discarded metal plates left behind from previous classes and had to re-work them into something new. It’s a pretty good image to put up as I start thinking about perspective!

My college B. A. in Studio Arts did not come with much instruction in specific art techniques. My professors in this very small department maintained the belief that each person needs to find their own methods, and that would occur during personal exploration of media and subjects of interest. In hindsight, I received a sound background in the fundamental principles of art, which I agree is the most important thing to learn as it is the underpinning of any creative arts. Now I have enough experience that I’m confident that I’ll be able to devise an answer for any artistic problem …(and then there’s always Google and youTube for research😊)