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34 – Perspective is all about relationships

May 14, 2020 By

An imaginative world requires convincing size, shape and space in order to be believable. Photographs can give me the basics of how something looks – how something is constructed, the textures, the relative sizes…but I can’t just throw a bunch of found images together. Consistency is the key. When using photographs as reference, many people (including myself) make the mistake of combining objects seen from different angles, and that never works out right. When you look at anything, you are planted in one spot and your view remains the same until either you or the object moves. Your perspective is related to where you are.
Is reality the same for everyone? What is large to one person is small to another and so on. Perspective is all about relationships. It’s a visual tool for describing a reality. Artists can give clues of how something looks with their visual descriptions, and the viewer’s brain fills in the rest. Egyptian hieroglyphs give basic ideas that we recognize and fill in with our own imagination. M.C. Esher’s imagination did lots of work for us, describing realities so convincingly that it takes moments to realize what we’re seeing is just not possible!