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36 – What you see is just an illusion!

May 19, 2020 By

How do you become a better artist, a better anything? Identify what needs improvement, then learn and practice.
I need to study up on perspective drawing techniques, but my mind too easily drifts off. Angles, measurements, ratios…ugh, mathphobia sets in!
Then I spotted an article by Monika Zagrobelna, (24 Sep 2014) on the website:…/live-perspective-a-new-approa…
““Illusion” is a word we use to explain things that our brain makes us believe in, although they’re not real. A table looks skewed. A building looks as if it’s moving. The problem is that everything about looking is an illusion! Colors, position, length, width, height, rotation, even texture don’t exist in the way we see them. The image in our head is just an interpretation of reality—an interpretation irrevocably relative to us….Perspective is just a name for a relation between the observer and other objects. See? No math at all.”
Oh, she got me with that last sentence!

image source: Monika Zagrobelna, Sept,2014,