a painted fabric sign that resembles a digital sign
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115 – Please Wait…

April 13, 2021 By

…ase wait for assistance…please wait for assistance…please wa

An endless digital sign implores you to wait for assistance – important signage for a healthcare statement on my “Not Dead Yet” dark ride! But how to make this? I thought about tiny French knots, but that would be excruciating to make and impossible to line up perfectly, plus they’d have an unwanted texture. Same for seed beads. Can’t be fabric collage, too tiny – even I know my limits!

Textile paint is the answer, but that’s a lot of dots. Maybe use red fabric and paint black around – no, the red doesn’t glow enough. Red needs to be painted on top of white for some of the brightness to show through. I tried a small dot print fabric, hoping to align the letters on the dot pattern, but the size wasn’t correct.

I went back to my full size drawing and drew on tracing paper the box shape that the entire sign needed to occupy. I penciled in the letters as I wanted them to appear, trying for a blocky digital type font and spacing them as evenly as I could so that each letter would take up the same amount of space. Then I used graph paper and made a dot matrix – so many dots high and wide that the letters needed to be. Using a small brush and red acrylic ink, I dotted in all the letters. Then I could fill the empty space with black, and add some highlights with white and florescent orange dots.

I may have listened to an entire audiobook during this. But the sign came out great!!

photo showing trials in painting a digital sign on fabric
I needed several trials to figure out the best method for painting my digital sign.